I believe that my love for capturing landscapes and moments is in my genes. I’m not the only photographer in my family..

My Grandfather actually is a photographer and the photos you see to the left are some of his prints that were taken somewhere around 50 years ago.chris-cochran

My love for photography presented itself early on but professionally it took over as an addition to my digital marketing background. I have been working in real estate marketing for over 4 years now and the photos became a great way to digitally share the story of what was going on inside of the company I was working for. From there I branched into capturing moments at corporate events, taking photos of products, homes, and basically anything I could permission for; and even some that I couldn’t.

My passion for photography outweighs my desire to make money from photography. If there is a project that you want accomplished, I would be happy to discuss and negotiate some way to make it happen!

What Clients Say About Me

Thank you for your time and all your hard work in getting this completed. I think it looks great!

Maria Peña-Morales, Client Testimonial Video

Those picture are awesome, we love them!

Henry Schweichler, Engagement Photos

I love them!!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures are gorgeous. Soon I won’t be able to afford you lol 

Mike Safiedine, Real Estate Listing Photos