This photo is one of my favorite pictures to date. My parents live on the East side of Tacoma, WA and one of the last places I lived in Tacoma was just north of Downtown on Hilltop. Because of this, one of my last memories of living in Tacoma revolve around going across this bridge to see my mom for one of the final times before moving everything down to San Diego and starting my new journey. I was terrified to of the move, scared my family would need me and had little to no money to my name. It was a journey and a move I know now was the best thing I could’ve ever done. I’ve always loved this bridge but because of that memory it means even more to me.

Sometimes you need to just cross the bridge in front of you and hope for the best. You can’t predict the future but you can damn sure pave it.

On one of my last nights visiting back home for Thanksgiving in 2015, after living in Southern California for 4 years now, I was driving around and catching up with one of my good friends Jeremy Hudson and spotted this location. I knew that before I left I had to get a shot of the bridge with the low rolling clouds coming in.

Very late that night I grabbed all of my gear and setup in what I thought was the coldest night in history (it was ONLY 38 degrees but coming from Southern California it felt like -40) and stood out there grabbing multiple exposures and angles while trying to securely position my tripod across rocks.

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  • CameraFujifilm XT-1
  • LocationTacoma, Wa
  • Year2015
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  • PhotographerChris Cochran