• PhotographerChris Cochran

After getting inspired by all of the local art, photography, and videography going on around Tacoma, WA since I left for Southern California, I decided to head home for a trip solely focused on making the city that raised me look beautiful. So I packed up my DJI Phantom 3, a low-level DSLR, and my trusted mirrorless Fujifilm XT-1 and set out to capture all I could in only just a few day trip.

This trip was one of the first with my DJI Phantom 3 and allowed me to completely immerse myself in drone/aerial photography. I learned and studied basically anything I could find to help make sure that I would have images and videos that everyone would be ecstatic to see.

While this trip started off as a personal adventure, this project has actually resulted in numerous contacts regarding purchasing footage. If you would like to talk about using any of the scenes in this video, or shots around Tacoma, WA that you think I would have feel free to reach out to me at chrisecochran@gmail.com!