• PhotographerChris Cochran

Maria Pena-Morales was actually my first boss in San Diego, CA and I can truthfully say she is one of the best bosses anybody could have. She allowed someone brand new to Southern California into the real estate industry and encouraged me to be creative, innovative, and passionate in each task that was brought forward. I learned so much from her and wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance and mentoring.

Because of our history, when Maria called me to help her shoot a client testimonial for two of her clients who just moved into their new home in Ramona, California I was ecstatic. This couple had some amazing things to say about Maria and it was all unscripted, raw footage just how Maria wanted it. Their home was beautiful and I am glad to see Maria still making her clients happy years after getting to see it first hand. If you are looking for a great RealtorĀ® feel free to head on over to Maria’s website!