• PhotographerChris Cochran

Steve Rodgers is now the CEO and Founder of a coaching and consultant company called Alchemy Advisors after countless years of being a pivotal voice in the San Diego real estate industry. I had the pleasure of calling Steve my boss while I worked for Real Living Lifestyles in San Diego, California and he is a highly motivated and extremely energetic business man.

Steve now has transitioned from being my boss to being someone I consider a great friend. Because of this, the other day he gave me a call regarding capturing a handful of videos and update his headshots (seen on the left) to help launch his new website and business. I was thrilled he chose me because I know Steve has a very expansive network and could have called anybody. Steve is very personable in front of the camera and although we had a handful of some very funny outtakes we were able to get a handful of awesome videos explaining his new direction. Check out more of the videos below and for more information on Steve feel free to head over to his website!

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