Coronado Cays are unbelievably stunning. To be able to live right there in a little water focused centered community would be a dream of mine. I could only imagine if I grew up there I would swim across the little channels to get to a friend’s house instead of walking around the community. I would stand up paddle board every morning and say hi to my neighbors with my dog sitting on the front. It just looks like the perfect community to me. Reminds me a lot of what I see in photos and videos of Miami but obviously it’s in the much more family friendly area of Coronado. I decided to capture this last minute and put it together so people could also see this amazing community.

Another reason why I love this community and real estate alone is because of the hard work that goes into owning on of these homes. I love these areas for inspiration because I know right now I could nowhere near afford these homes but if I continue to put in the work day in and day out I will one day be able to rest my head in a home or community like the ones featured in this 4K Flight of the Week.