Every week I try to put out a 4K Flight of the Week video with my DJI Phantom 3 but sadly with the El Niño weather here in San Diego it has been really difficult to get the drone up in the air to get footage. There has been some crazy wind and rain lately and honestly wouldn’t be safe to put anything in the air. Luckily, one day between all of the bad weather days the weather broke up in San Marcos and I just so happened to have my drone with me. I was up there capturing footage for a local real estate agent and she wanted footage of Lake San Marcos so all of the stars aligned. This was only my second time at Lake San Marcos as I am rarely in the area but I will definitely be back soon to gather more footage. Probably going to look into adding a polarizing filter next time I head here as I think it will help the grass and skies pop more in these videos.