I’ve been working on a couple independent projects in my free time these days which requires A LOT of footage. Thanks to that I have been collecting all of this footage from my drone but haven’t had a way to show it so I decided to start something I like to call the “4K Flight of the Week.” I will start posting a 1:30ish minute long video once of week from one of the spots I shot that week.

The first spot I wanted to share is the “San Diego Temple” or the Church of Latter-Day Saints that is in San Diego, California. If you’ve ever driven through San Diego on I-5 you know this exact building. It sticks in your memory as some people think it’s spooky while others think it looks like something out of Disneyland.

My first time ever visiting San Diego roughly about 6 years ago we drove past this church and I immediately had to do a double take. I hope you enjoy this flight and this series of flights. In a couple weeks I will be sharing some behind the scenes footage from my flights and you can get a glimpse as into my setup, what I look for while shooting and the ground view from the location I am shooting at.